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Title: Lollipop Freakshow
Chapters: 1, drabble
Author: xkyo_chanx
Genre: pg-13?
Warnings: shonen-ai
Rating: NC-17
Pairings/Characters: Hiroto x Tora (alice nine.)
Synopsis: Reality can get freaky
Comments: This little story is real, not their reality, but mine. (as in, I'm writing the story from Tora's point of view, while actually, it was me getting freaked out. My (female) friend plays the Hiroto role. Yes I am a girl too. )
Disclaimer: I don't own alice nine. because then they would do much much more fanservice.

I sit down on the floor against the wall, sticking a lollipop in my mouth. I'm out of cigarettes. Then the bell rings, finally we have our second break between classes. A couple of friends go sit next to me, some others go outside for a smoke. I don't feel like asking them for it. "eh where is Hiroto?" I ask Shou, who is sitting next to me "probably still in class, finishing his project" he replies. Then I see a little head coming out of the crowd, walking to me "hey Hiroto I was wondering where you was" "drawing. I wasn't finished yet" I stretch my legs, they are starting to hurt. Noticing I have a lollipop, he sits down on my lap, turning slightly so I get his side view. He practically pulls the lollipop out of my mouth. "hey I was eating that" "now it's mine" He puts the candy in his mouth, and chews off half of the thing, then gives it back "still want it?" If I say no this time, he probably thinks he can steal my food anytime because I wouldn't want to get it back anyway, I say yes, grab it and put it in my mouth. Looking around if no one would have seen what just happened, I see a few people looking at me, under which a few people I dont know and some of my friends, including Nao. Trying to act like I'm not bothered by the fact that there is someone of the same sex sitting on my lap, I go talk to Nao.

Extra note: The freakier thing is that my friend (hiroto in the story) admitted having a crush on me a few years ago. This is the first story I've posted in 4 years, honestly. I have another story one here, but it's nothing more then a description. I'm not sure wether I will ever post more, I don't have much faith in my stories, I think they suck.

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Title -
Author - xkyo_chanx
Rating - PG-13, may go up
Warnings - boyxboy
Pairings -
Disclaimers - I don't own the Alice nine. and Gazette boys. 
author's note: This story is strangely enough based on reality. This is my first story in more than 3 years of no posting. I am never satisfied with my writing, but this story has gotten the worst out of me xD  My friends names + their roles

Wouter: Saga
Joey: Tora
Joep: Aoi
Youri: Reita

may be roles:
Shin (this will be me. I wont play an important part)
Kage (my used to be best friend)
Jesse (role unknown)

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ive decided to not start a journal, instead, i use this account to visit my favorite communities and message people.

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